Apprehensions at southern border rose to 165,000 in February, mostly single adults

AUSTIN, Texas — The number of migrants stopped by authorities at the southern border increased from January to February despite the slowdown

Furious Radical Left Whines over Stalled Build Back Better Agenda

The radical left is furious that “climate action” from President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is going nowhere fast.

Shrinking food supplies, soaring prices could trigger global unrest, key GOP lawmaker warns

Rep Austin Scott says he is so concerned that he’s asked the Pentagon to assess the security troubles that could arise from a 5% reduction in

U.S. Average Gas Prices Soar 22% in Two Weeks to Record $4.43 Per Gallon

Up, up and you pay. The average U.S. price for regular-grade gasoline at the pump soared a whopping 79 cents over the past two weeks to hit a

Biden triggers GOP backlash with federal mask mandate extension

The Biden administration announced an extension to the federal mask mandate for airplanes, airports, and public transit, upsetting a host of

Poll: Plurality Say Russia Would Not Have Invaded Ukraine if Trump Were President

A plurality of likely voters believe that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if former President Donald Trump were still president,

Inflation Reaches New High as Consumer Prices Jump 7.9%, Highest in Four Decades

Inflation climbed to another four-decade high in February with prices expected to push even higher on the back of soaring energy prices follo

Failed Experiment: Austria Suspends ‘Not Proportionate’ Forced Vaccination Requirement

After months of threatening to enforce the measure with fines and possibly even imprisonment, Austria has suspended its regime of forced vacc

Mayorkas Creates DACA Giveaway for 100,000s of Trafficked UAC Migrants

President Joe Biden’s pro-migration border chief is offering work permits to the hundreds of thousands of young migrants who were smuggled in

Joe Biden Shrugs Off High Gas Prices: ‘Can’t Do Much Right Now’

President Joe Biden shrugged at high gas prices on Tuesday, just hours after promising Americans he would do whatever it took to lower them.

‘Global Food Crisis’ Ukraine War Will Have ‘Catastrophic’ Effect on Global Food Supply – Agri Org

The world is heading into a global food crisis thanks to the war in Ukraine,

Leaked Audio Reveals Former NIH Director Francis Collins Touting Vaccine Mandates, Threatening Unemployment

Former National Institutes of Health (NIH) chief Francis Collins, who was also recently appointed as President Joe Biden’s new science adviso

Convoy of American truckers hits Washington, DC, takes laps on the Beltway

The American answer to Canada’s Freedom Convoy has arrived.

Gas prices soar as US crude rises to highest levels since 2008

Oil and gas prices are through the roof as investors fret over the continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Texas Sees Higher Voter Turnout After Election Integrity Law

Texas’s first in the nation primary election saw an increase in voter turnout Tuesday night,

Ukraine adopts its own Second Amendment — too little, too late?

With the invasion by the Russian military, Ukrainian men, women, and children have taken up arms in defense of their loved ones, homes, and c

EXCITING NEWS FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY: New Fractal Voter Registration System (FPEIS) Is Now Able to Detect Voter Anomalies BEFORE an Election — And After Election

After a decade of frustration over the ERIC voter information center, election jurisdictions and other groups now have an alternative to clea

Buttigieg on Keystone Pipeline amid Ukraine Invasion: We Don’t Want ‘Permanent Solutions’ to Short Term Problems

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” that to combat oil prices skyrocketing amid the Russian inv