Wave of the future? Here comes cryptocurrency payrolls

The process of employees being paid in cryptocurrency hit the spotlight last year when NFL star Odell Beckham and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

Debunking the media's lies about ESG social credit scores and the Great Reset

We’re used to legacy media misleading, concealing, and even downright lying about the important issues facing America

Biden pitches largest tax hike in history as part of $5.8T budget request

Biden proposes $2.5 trillion in tax increases as part of budget request

Obama, Hunter Biden ties to Ukraine biolabs get fresh scrutiny

The U.S. has funded Ukrainian biodefense labs — but not for offensive weapons

New report: 255,000 ‘excess votes’ for Biden in six key 2020 states

A new deep dive into discrepancies in the ballot counts of six key battleground states in the 2020 election has turned up more than 250,000 “

Report: Biden Officials Prepare for ‘Mass Migration Event’ at Southern Border

Top officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency are reportedly preparing for a “mass migration event” at the United Sta

Biden: Expect 'real' food shortages due to sanctions — oh, and sanctions never work

During a press conference in Brussels on Thursday, President Joe Biden admitted that food shortages are "going to be real" because that is "t

Consumer Sentiment Sinks as Hope Crashes and Inflation Expectations Hit Four-Decade High

Everyone has jobs and no one is happy because prices are rising so sharply.

Twitter Denies Babylon Bee Appeal After Account Lockdown over Rachel Levine Joke

Twitter denied the Christian satire site The Babylon Bee’s appeal on Wednesday after it had its account locked down over a joke calling the t

Four times Jackson was rattled by GOP pressure during Supreme Court hearing

Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has come out strongly against a strict line of questioning by GOP members of the Senate Jud

First ‘Woman’ Black Supreme Court Nominee Won’t Define ‘Woman’

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to define the word “woman” in her Supreme Court confirmation hearing Tuesday,

Microsoft Corporation Legal Documents Show Biden DOJ Spying on Project Veritas Journalists; Hides it from Federal Court Judge

[NEW YORK – Mar. 21, 2022] Bombshell Microsoft Corporation legal documents released by Project Veritas reveal that President Biden’s Departme

Biden declares 'there's going to be a new world order' in address to business executives

While speaking with corporate leaders from some of America’s largest companies, President Joe Biden affirmed his faith in the “new world orde

Ketanji Brown Jackson dodges question on court packing, points to Amy Coney Barrett

Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson invoked Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Tuesday to avoid answering whether or not she supports

Reported pediatric COVID-19 deaths plummet 24% after CDC fixes 'coding logic error'

Public health is now "the definition of propaganda," seeking "behavioral outcomes" through moralistic framing, frowning on objective data tha

U.N. Chief Guterres Says Endure High Gas Prices for the Good of the Planet

The pain of soaring gas prices must be endured because any wider embrace of fossil fuels as an alternative is “madness” and threatens global

‘I Will Literally Fight You, Bitch:’ Yale Law Students Disrupt Panel Featuring Alliance Defending Freedom

Nearly 120 woke Yale Law School students disrupted a bipartisan panel about civil liberties last week by trying to shout down and intimidate

University of Pennsylvania hails transgender swimmer Lia Thomas as 'the first Quaker female swimmer to win an NCAA individual title'

Transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male who competes in women's swimming, won a 500-yard freestyle at th

DOJ investigating Hunter Biden for foreign lobbying violations: Report

he Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden for foreign lobbying violations related to his overseas business dealings — likely in pla

Poll: Majority Say Biden Should Prioritize Increasing American Energy Production

A majority of Americans say President Joe Biden should prioritize increasing American energy production in the wake of continually rising gas