Buh-Bye: Never-Trump TX Candidate Endorsed by Adam Kinzinger Only Gets 3% of Vote in Texas Congressional Race

Never-Trump Republican candidate Mike Wood only grabbed 3% of the vote on Saturday in the special election for Texas 6th District.

Biden: Wearing a Mask Despite Being Vaccinated ‘a Patriotic Responsibility, for God’s Sake’

In an interview that aired Friday on NBC’s “Today,” President Joe Biden discussed his reasoning for wearing a mask despite being fully vaccin

Rudy Giuliani joins 'Tucker' after FBI raid

Rudy Giuliani joined "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Thursday for his first television interview since the FBI raided his New York City apartment an

Poll: Majority of French Agree With Military Generals That the Country is Heading Towards “Civil War”

Nearly half want the military to be sent into multicultural banlieues to restore order.

Biden nominates Texas Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, who opposed ICE raids, to head agency

Gonzalez is sheriff of Harris County and previously served with Houston Police Department

The mob comes for Joe Rogan

Danger! "Threat level: Trumpian!" has been issued for another person of diverse views who dares to have a contrarian opinion — this time Joe

Carlson: ‘Biden is using DOJ to crush political dissent and destroy Rudy Giuliani’…

‘Biden is using the DOJ to crush political dissent and Rudy Giuliani’

Trump blasts Biden for ‘out of control’ border crisis, warns ‘it will destroy our country’

Trump argues all the Biden administration had to do was leave the border alone 'and now it’s a disaster'

Fauci blasts Joe Rogan for encouraging people to 'only worry about themselves' after he told his 'young and healthy' listeners NOT to get vaccinated

Joe Rogan, 53, told millions of listeners of his hit podcast 'I don't think you need to worry about' getting the COVID-19 vaccine

America First Patriot Nick Fuentes Put On No-Fly List

America First host Nick Fuentes can no longer fly on an airplane. He announced Tuesday that he couldn’t check into his flight because the aut

Biden to call for $4 trillion in new spending during joint address to Congress

Biden's forthcoming $1.8 trillion American Families Plan is the follow-up to his $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan, and Dems are ready to mov

Border shock: Eighteen-wheelers unloading migrants and drugs, and ‘cartels are having a field day’

Mexican crime cartels, never seeing the U.S. border so inviting as it has been under President Joe Biden, are openly driving to the border wi

Listen: Leaked Audio of John Kerry’s 2016 Meeting with Syrian “Revolutionaries” Pushing for US Bomb Attacks on Syria

As reported on Monday — In a recently leaked audio, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said then-Secretary of State John Kerry info

Study: Young White Liberals More Likely to Have Mental Health Problems

Evie magazine unpacked analysis of a Pew Research Center survey published last year, and subsequently arrived at the compelling possibility t

Arizona Republicans STRIKE BACK

File Motion of Their Own Against State Democrats – Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Delivers Update on Maricopa County Forensic Audit

Byron York's Daily Memo: Biden's quiet immigration move

BIDEN'S QUIET IMMIGRATION MOVE. Last week the Biden administration took another step in its drive to ease the way for illegal border crossers

Americans Will Officially Need A Vaccine Passport For Travel To Europe In 2021

Americans will need a vaccine passport in order to travel to Europe this summer.

Nexdoor app launches “anti-racism notification” reminding users to not say “blue lives matter”

According to reports, the neighborhood-specific social platform, “Nextdoor” has launched an “anti-racism notification,” which seemingly asks

VIDEO: Activists and cops clash in NYC; Central Park statues vandalized with anti-police graffiti

Social justice demonstrations in New York City deteriorated into physical altercations with NYPD officers and a Central Park statue dedicated

Past Video Where LeBron James Discusses “White People” Explains A Lot About His “Racial” Actions Today

You may not remember this, but there was a Coke commercial from 1979 featuring NFL player “Mean” Joe Greene that deeply defined the soulful a