[VIDEO] Leaked Insider Recording From ABC News Reveals Network Executives Killed Bombshell Story Implicating Jeffrey Epstein

(New York, NY)Newly revealed footage leaked by an ABC insider has exposed how network executives rejected allegations against Jeffrey Epstein

'You need an army to defeat an army': President Trump wages WAR on Mexican drug cartels to 'wipeout monsters'

At least nine U.S. citizens, including six children, who live in the Mexican border state of Sonora were killed in a shooting attack Monday

The Military-Intelligence Complex

Many retired high-ranking military officers have gone beyond legitimately articulating why President Trump may be wrong on foreign policy, an

Ilhan Omar at Bernie Sanders Rally: “I Am Beyond Honored and Excited for a President Who Will Fight Against Western Imperialism”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) decried U.S. “genocide” and “western imperialism” in a speech at a Bernie Sanders rally in Minneapolis Sunday night at

California fires: Trump threatens to pull federal aid

US President Donald Trump has threatened to cut federal funding for the wildfires sweeping California,

Tight Kentucky governor race could spell trouble for McConnell

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican, finds himself in a tight reelection battle going into the final days of his campaign.

Ilhan Omar's Anti-American, Pro-Islamic Polemic

Last week the House voted overwhelmingly (405-11) in favor of formally recognizing the Armenian Genocide, which was perpetrated by Ottoman Tu

Pelosi Expects Public Impeachment Hearings to Begin This Month

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday she expects the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump to begin public hearings

Goodwin: A tragedy for the nation – and democracy

Another day, another ­giant step on the road to ruin. Either Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind or she really wants to dig America’s grave.

White House Official Testifies He Was ‘Not Concerned That Anything Illegal Was Discussed’ On Ukraine Call

The White House’s top official for European affairs told Congress on Thursday that he was not concerned that “anything illegal” was discussed

Democrats have turned California into a problem-plagued burning nightmare

More than 2 million Californians were recently left without power after the state’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric — which filed f

Matt Gaetz asks Ethics Committee to investigate Adam Schiff

Florida Republican, who is under ethics committee scrutiny himself, sees rules violations in impeachment probe

The Beltway's 'Whistleblower' Furor Obsesses Over One Name

For a town that leaks like a sieve, Washington has done an astonishingly effective job keeping from the American public the name of the anony

Dems Vote for Sham Process

House Democrats passed a resolution Thursday to formalize the rules and proceedings regarding their impeachment inquiry against President Don

Nunes: Adam Schiff was coaching Alexander Vindman throughout his testimony

“I have never in my life seen anything like what happened today, during the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman,” said Rep. Devin Nunes,

Mitch McConnell: Impeach resolution denies Trump ‘basic rights’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this morning that a Democratic resolution on impeachment set to be voted on Thursday in the House

Exclusive: Trump Admin Launches Investigation Into ‘Deep State’ Targeting Top Trump Iran Official

The State Department has opened an investigation into a campaign of leaks targeting the Trump administration's top Iran official, including l

Jerry Brown Blames Trump, Republicans for California Fires: ‘The Blood Is on Your Soul’

Former California Governor Jerry Brown told Congress on Tuesday that President Donald Trump and the Republican Party were responsible for the

Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide, Dr. Michael Baden reveals

The body of disgraced money man and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his Manhattan federal prison cell in August, bore tel

White House official testifies on Ukraine call concerns, as president blasts 'Never Trumper witness'

A White House official testified behind closed doors Tuesday that he had concerns about President Trump's July phone call with Ukrainian Pres