Biden walks back African American 'diversity' remarks, lauds community's 'diversity of thought'

'In no way did I mean to suggest the African American community is a monolith,' ex-VP says

Nevada Sent More Than 200K Mail-In Primary Ballots to Wrong Addresses

One-sixth of Clark County mail-in ballots were sent to outdated or undeliverable addresses

Jonathan Isaac Stands For The National Anthem, And We Stand With Him

'Kneeling or wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt didn't go hand in hand with supporting black lives,' Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac s

Twitter Appears To Censor Joe Rogan Episode With Gender Expert Debra Soh

Twitter appears to have censored a newly released episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast after Rogan interviewed Dr. Debra Soh, a scie

The Trump Campaign Is Seeking an Early September Debate Against Biden

The Trump campaign is requesting that the Commission on Presidential Debates hold one of the scheduled debates between President Donald Trump

Portland Police Declare Another Riot; Police Association Building Targeted

Just one day after Democrats at a Senate hearing on destructive riots in Portland denied that description and claimed otherwise peaceful prot

New Poll Shows Majority Of Black Americans Favor Higher Police Presence

A Gallup poll released on Wednesday shows that 81 percent of black Americans want the police presence to remain the same or increase in their

Biden hits back at reporter asking if he took a cognitive test: ‘Are you a junkie?’

The former vice president, who has bristled at attacks from Trump claiming he's mentally slowing, confirmed he has not taken a cognitive test

Watch Barack Obama In 2005 Defend The Filibuster He Now Says Is Racist

'My colleagues propose this rules change because they believe they can get away with it rather than because they know it’s good for our democ

'Keep moving': Colorado residents run Antifa, BLM out of town

When the leftist mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters arrived in a town in Larimer County, Colorado, residents quickly banded togethe

Five teenagers receive Medal of Heroism for saving police deputy from attack by suspected drunk driver

Five teenagers were each given a Medal of Heroism from a Washington state county sheriff for saving a deputy in July.

Portland Rioters Shift Focus To Attacking Local Law Enforcement

While the corporate media continues to purport the narrative that violence in Portland, Oregon has calmed since federal presence retreated, m

UP 134%: Gun Sales Soar (Again) In July Amid Pandemic Panic, Race Riots

Skyrocketing gun sales over the past few months didn’t ebb one iota in July, which was one of the strongest for gun purchases ever recorded.

Largest Florida police union endorses Trump

The Florida Police Benevolent Association, the largest police union in the battleground state, said it is supporting President Donald Trump i

What TikTok Hides Beneath Its Addicting Little Videos Should Scare You

President Trump announced his vow to ban the popular Chinese-owned app TikTok from the United States. It's the right policy move — and it's l

Washington Football Team DC Jack Del Rio: ‘Not Afraid to Say I Love My Country’

There aren’t many people in the nation’s capital who are willing to challenge the status quo, voice support for President Trump, or say that

Obama’s So-Called Eulogy For John Lewis Was A Disgraceful Political Display

In a moment that required unity and celebration, Barack Obama chose cynical political rancor.

The Policing Crisis in New York City

The city is sinking into lawlessness, and the mayor blathers on about ‘sensitivity.’

Clinton Aide Advises Joe Biden: ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Debate Trump’

Joe Lockhart, a former press secretary for President Bill Clinton, is publicly advising former Vice President Joe Biden not to debate Preside

Just as the Deep State Wanted, Steve Stockman Is Infected with COVID-19

Some evil people in the U.S. justice system are smiling right now.