Inflation means bigger bills for groceries, gas, and rent — here's the breakdown

Many families in the United States are finding it harder to get by as they see their bills for various goods and services shoot upward amid t

CNN+ floundering; streaming service has fewer than 10,000 daily users: CNBC

CNN+, the much-hyped (by CNN) subscription streaming service from the cable news company, has fewer than 10,000 daily users two weeks after l

Biden waiving ethanol rule in bid to lower gasoline prices

President Joe Biden is visiting corn-rich Iowa on Tuesday to announce he’ll suspend a federal rule preventing the sale of higher ethanol blen

Inflation rises to 8.5% in March, highest in more than four decades

Consumer prices increased 8.5% in the 12 months ending in March, a number that is sure to fuel consumer anxiety and erode support for Preside

Biden seen as trying to have it both ways on economy

Just one day after extending the pandemic-era student loan pause for another four months,

Supply chain crisis: 'Shocking' national baby formula shortage forces rationing at major retail chain

There is a national shortage of baby formula, which has forced a large retail chain to impose rationing on the important product for infants.

Texas will bus illegal immigrants to DC, Abbott says

Texas will bus illegal immigrants released into the state by the Border Patrol to Washington, D.C., Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday,

Europe Ban on Importing Russian Coal Will Mean Even Higher Energy Prices

The European Union is poised to ban Russian coal in the first sanctions on the vital energy industry over the war in Ukraine,

Crime Soars in Seattle After City Council Cuts Police Funding: ’30 Years’ Backwards

Crime is soaring in Seattle, Washington, in the wake of the city council’s decision to “defund the police” partially in the wake of the Georg

Trump, not Biden, 'better for America,' 42%-28%

More than half of voters now believe that the Joe Biden presidency has been “bad” for America and believe that the answer to the national cri

Report: Hunter Biden Grand Jury Witness Was Asked About the ‘Big Guy’

A witness who testified before a grand jury as part of a federal investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was asked to ide

Colorado Governor Jared Polis Signs Law Legalizing Abortion Up Until the Moment of Birth

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed House Bill 22-1279 into law. This measure legalizes abortions for all nine months of the pregnancy,

Lawmakers scramble to avert global food shortage

Leaders around the world are preparing solutions to the problem of an expected global food shortage that may only get worse in the days ahead

Mayorkas’ Leaked Title 42 Plan: Ensure Migrants Get ‘Any’ Way to Stay

Border chief Alejandro Mayorkas is directing that economic migrants get every opportunity to stay once the Title 42 barrier is removed — rega

Trump assails far left for imposing sexualized, racist agenda on America's children

"The American people will not sit idly by and allow our children to be indoctrinated, segregated, and mutilated by the lunatic left," former

Joe Biden allegedly wants the DOJ to prosecute Donald Trump

A recent report claims that President Joe Biden has told multiple people that he wants his predecessor Donald Trump to be prosecuted.

Biden Administration Promotes Transgender Sex-Change Surgery, Puberty Blockers for Minors

The Biden administration on Thursday released several documents promoting transgender sex-reassignment surgeries and hormone treatments for c

Media's latest 'smoking gun' against Trump comes crashing down: 'There are no missing pages'

The media's latest "smoking gun" accusation against former President Donald Trump — allegedly missing White House call logs on Jan. 6 — has t

WaPo Admits Hunter Profited $4.8M from Chinese Energy Deal

Hunter Biden profited $4.8 million in retainer and consulting fees from a Chinese energy company though 2017 and 2018,

'Silent majority' of Disney employees support Florida law, Disney employee running for Congress says

Disney employees who support parental rights 'far outnumber' the loud minority, Jose Castillo says