DOJ Seizes Cryptocurrency Accounts Of Major Terrorist Organizations

The Department of Justice has made an unprecedented bust to stop the funding of terrorist groups online.

Hillary Clinton Is Open To Serving In A Harris-Biden Administration

2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in an interview published Thursday she is open to serving in a potential Biden-Harr

Trump: 'I would go in and do a number' on Middle East countries persecuting Christians

President Trump said he would "do a number" on countries persecuting Christians in the Middle East if he could find rock-solid evidence of th

Biden calls for mandate requiring all Americans to wear masks

He was joined at the briefing by his newly named running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California

Local Residents Push Back Against Violence, Looting In Neighborhoods Across The Country

While violence ensued across American cities in recent months, many citizens are becoming exasperated with the protesting, rioting, and looti

Federally Funded Nuclear Weapons Lab Made White Male Employees Participate in Racial Reeducation Training

Sandia National Laboratories, a government-contracted nuclear weapons laboratory, required its white male employees to participate in a racia

Trump says he'll defeat Biden, predicts GOP will win back House from 'stone-cold crazy' Pelosi

'We’re going to take back the House and we’re going to hold on to the presidency,' Trump says

Mainstream News Networks Completely Ignore Story of 5-Year-Old Boy Shot in the Head

Child brutally murdered by African-American man after riding his bike on felon’s property.

Is Kamala Harris as Safe a VP Pick as She Seems?

Thinking through the California senator’s strengths and weaknesses.

Black Portland police sergeant speaks about why ‘defund the police’ concerns him

'It’s really counterproductive to having well trained officers,' police Sgt. Derrick Foxworth said

Trump campaign: Rough week but we won

As Joe Biden bumbled in the basement, saying that all blacks are alike and mocking a reporter for asking about his cognitive health, Presiden

Seattle police chief to resign following department cuts

SEATTLE — Seattle’s police chief says she is stepping down, a move made public the same day the city council approved reducing the department

Defensive Uses of Guns in July Prove Importance of Removing Barriers to Ownership

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently blamed her city’s acute surge in gun violence on the lack of gun control laws in other states. As many

DC police has surveillance video of Secret Service shooting: sources

The suspect had 'crouched into a shooter's stance as if about to fire a weapon'

Trump: 'I hope' NFL season doesn't happen if players don't stand for national anthem

President Trump said he doesn't want the NFL season to take place if the players don't plan on standing for the national anthem.

Trump lays out six big promises for a second-term agenda

It barely got covered amidst a tumultuous week of news, but President Trump has laid out a six-point agenda if he is elected to a second term

Thousands of bikers heading to South Dakota rally to be blocked at tribal land checkpoints

"I don't want to die, but I don't want to be cooped up all my life either," one biker said

Chicago Raises Bridges to Prevent Looters Getting Downtown

Chicago authorities took the decision to raise all major bridges in an effort to prevent looters reaching the downtown area after a night of

DC shooting leaves 1 dead, some 20 injured

DC shooting leaves 1 dead, some 20 injured.