Jamie Dimon says JPMorgan is hoarding cash because ‘very good chance’ inflation is here to stay

JPMorgan Chase has been “effectively stockpiling” cash rather than using it to buy Treasuries or other investments because of the possibility

Garland says Justice Department will scrutinize new GOP-led voting restrictions

The attorney general detailed federal plans to protect voting rights after a number of GOP-led states passed laws placing new limits on elect

NATO to brand China security risk despite Beijing’s cries of ‘slander’ at G7

A day after meeting with leaders of the G7 nations in Britain, President Biden met with the NATO secretary-general to guarantee the US’ commi

Biden confuses Libya and Syria three times during remarks at G-7 summit

President Joe Biden confused Libya and Syria three times during a press conference from the G-7 summit. “There is a lot going on where we can

WATCH: Republican mayor-elect who flipped Texas border town says Hispanic voters are 'opening their eyes'

McAllen mayor-elect Javier Villalobos, the Republican candidate who just won the Texas border city's run-off election and flipped the Democra

Latest bipartisan infrastructure plan pitches higher gas tax

There are no tax increases or new gas taxes proposed in a GOP-led bid to craft a bipartisan infrastructure proposal. But the plan would index

Trump tells Biden not to fall asleep in his meeting with Putin

The latest message from the former President is likely a reference to the “Sleepy Joe” nickname he used to call him.

Navarro says Fauci and CNN have 'blood' on their hands after study shows hydroxychloroquine doubles COVID survival rate

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro has strong words for Dr. Anthony Fauci and far-left network CNN for dismissing the effectiveness of hydrox

Too timid? Experts worry pursuing lab-leak theory may upset U.S.-China relations

Antagonizing China, some experts fear, might jeopardize the secretive regime's cooperation in both finding the source of COVID-19, as well as

Consumer prices jump 5% in May, fastest pace since the summer of 2008

Headline consumer prices rose 5% year over year in May, the fastest pace since August 2008 and higher than Wall Street expectations.

'It's a new Cultural Revolution': Mom who survived Maoist China's purges rages against woke Loudoun County School Board for pushing 'neo-racism' and teacher warns against 'indoctrination camps' in classroom

Loudoun County officials say they are not officially using CRT, but have pledged to push for 'equity' and have begun using many CRT 'buzzword

Only 40% of Voters Think Dr. Fauci Told the Truth About Virus Research

As investigators pursue evidence that the COVID-19 virus may have originated in a Chinese research laboratory, many voters doubt that Dr. Ant

Lessons From 2012: Bush, Trump, and the Future of the GOP

How Donald Trump defied the conventional wisdom of the political mainstream to expand the Republican base.

Biden ends infrastructure talks with Capito amid disagreements on spending

President Biden broke off negotiations with a group of GOP senators led by Sen. Shelley Capito on Tuesday (R-W.Va.) amid disagreements regard

Study Finds BLM Agitator LeBron James Is The Most Hated Basketball Player In The U.S.

James has been roundly mocked for ignorant political statements made on social media

Team Biden bans investments in Chinese firms that bankrolled Hunter

A recent executive order signed by President Biden expands upon a Trump-era order that bans U.S. “own or control” in PLA-linked Chinese compa

Democratic Divisions On Full Display As Progressives Lash Out Against Joe Manchin, Kamala Harris

Progressives are openly criticizing West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and Vice President Kamala Harris for their stances on Democrats

Watch: Trump Warns “Dishonest and Corrupt” Evildoers What’s Coming, “It’s Our Turn, And the Gloves Are Off”

As everybody knows, my family, your great country and your president have gone through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt p

U.S. report concluded COVID-19 may have leaked from Wuhan lab - WSJ

A report on the origins of COVID-19 by a U.S. government national laboratory concluded that the hypothesis of a virus leak from a Chinese lab

Kamala Harris’ response to border crisis a head-scratcher: I haven’t ‘been to Europe’ either

Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday claimed she “didn’t understand the point” when pressed on why she hasn’t visited the US-Mexico border