Azerbaijani president confronts BBC reporter over freedom of the press and Julian Assange

Scenes from a BBC interview that occurred last November with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev now are going viral. In a testy exchange with

Julian Assange's Jailing "Undermines" UK On Press Freedom: Wikileaks

In January, a London judge refused to grant a US request for Assange's extradition, but also refused him bail until a US appeal against that

Melinda Gates had concerns over Bill's possible ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Spokesperson for Gates said the software mogul regrets having ever met the disgraced financier.

Emergency declaration issued in 17 states and D.C. over fuel pipeline cyberattack

The Biden administration said it's "working with" fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline to try and restart operations after a ransomware a

4 ex-cops indicted on US civil rights charges in Floyd death

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A federal grand jury has indicted the four former Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd’s arrest and death,

MS-13 Member Pleads Guilty To Brutal Murder in Maryland

Dismantling the gang was a Trump administration priority

The U.S. Economy Added Just 266,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Ticks Up

The U.S. economy added just 266,000  jobs in April and the unemployment rate ticked up to 6.1 percent, the Labor Department said in its month

ICE deportations fall to under 3,000 in April amid Biden rules that restrict removals

Decline occurs despite a massive migration surge at the border that has overwhelmed authorities.

Donald Trump’s New Blog Is Riddled With Facebook and Google Trackers, Share Buttons For Big Tech

Blog reportedly designed by Brad Parscale and Jared Kushner begs for large donations, and is closely linked to Big Tech

Swiss Billionaire Gave Millions to Eric Holder’s Partisan Gerrymandering Group

A liberal Swiss billionaire known for meddling in U.S. elections has funneled millions of dollars to former attorney general Eric Holder's ef

Amtrak Joe hits the buffers

Biden shared the anecdote in a speech on Friday celebrating 50 years of Amtrak

Facebook Oversight Board upholds ban on Trump

The Facebook Oversight Board announced their ruling today that they would uphold Facebook's January ban on former President Trump.

Joe Biden’s “Woke” CIA is a Hilarious Joke

The bad news is the CIA hates you, and exists to ruin your country. The good news is the CIA is also a joke. A series of excruciatingly embar

Biden Administration Denies Permit To Veteran Motorcycle Group For Memorial Day Event In DC

You may remember the veteran biker group known as Rolling Thunder. They have since changed their name to Rolling to Remember. They were plann

Mike Pence’s mid-pandemic holiday ski trip cost taxpayers more than $750,000

While coronavirus cases surged to record levels late last December, Vice President Mike Pence went on a ski vacation in Vail, Colorado. The t

Lincoln Project’s Social Media Influence Has Plummeted, Analyses Show

Liberal super PAC has been losing followers and engagement for months

TRUMP: It’s ‘So Nice’ To See ‘Stone Cold Loser’ Mitt Romney Booed Off Stage At GOP Event

Trump weighs in on Romney's humiliating ordeal at Utah GOP Convention

Trump Blasts Twitter As Stock Tumbles

Former President Donald Trump blasted Twitter as a “BORING” platform Friday after the company’s stock tumbled from missed growth expectations

Joe Biden Takes 94 Executive Actions on Immigration in 100 Days

President Joe Biden unleashed a flurry of 94 executive actions on immigration in his first 100 days, according to an analysis by the Migratio

Florida House Passes Bill To Permanently Ban COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Passports’

On Wednesday The Florida House approved a measure that would limit local emergency orders and make Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order barring